German Green Desk supports international companies on their way to a legally compliant presence on the European market.

Do you want to enter the European market?

We support foreign companies to provide their products in a legally compliant way on the European market.

We offer support by planning and executing compliance audits in the run-up to official environmental inspections and in the examination and compliance with licensing requirements.

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Opportunities on the European market

There has never been a better time to do business in Europe. In 2017, Germany's attractiveness will be at its second highest level in the past 13 years. One opportunity for consulting services for foreign companies in Germany are the changes to be expected from Brexit. Studies estimate that 14 percent of European companies with a presence in the UK have already taken steps to reduce their business on the island and relocate to mainland Europe. 

How can we support you?

  • We can legally support your entry into the EU market

  • We can give you advice in the area of product compliance

  • We can verify your compliance with legal requirements for production facilities

  • We can support you in the search for a location

  • We can support you in official communication

  • We can give you advice on licensing law in the field of new plant construction

  • We can support you in environmental due diligence

  • We can plan and execute compliance audits prior to official environmental inspections

German Green Desk

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