On-Site Compliance

Complying with legal requirements

On-Site Compliance

Which legal requirements have to be placed on production facilities and products when entering the European market? 

Compliance with legal requirements is essential for every company. A non-legally compliant operation leads to liability risks, to a loss of image or in individual cases to a loss of certificates (e.g. according to DIN EN ISO 14001, 50001). As a result, this can at least jeopardize economic success. There may also be a risk of withdrawal of the entire operating license.


On-Site Compliance
On-Site Compliance

How can such risks be countered?

Overcoming the risks is dependent on the interaction of various processes. Such as operational organisation, risk assessment, evaluation of legal changes, evaluation of the approval situation, transfer of duties and regular review of compliance in the company.

German Green Desk will be happy to support you in complying with legal requirements and guaranteeing legally compliant operation. Finally, this support will help you to minimise possible risks.

How can we support you?
We can…

  • complete compliance checks for the relevant legal areas of your company

  • determine potential environmental risks through environmental due diligence

  • prepare approval documents for environmental licensing / approval procedures

  • issue expert reports (noise, air pollutants, odour, accident scenarios)

  • give you advice on securing locations