Due Diligence

Minimise risks

Environmental Due Diligence

While classical due diligence in a business context has been standard practice for years, environmental risks are often insufficiently considered.

Imagine your company wants to take over a strategically important medium-sized company based in Germany. This acquisition will give your company access to the European market. Everyone is expecting great success. But what risks does the purchase entail?

It is possible that the company does not comply with environmental law. In many cases, there are considerable environmental risks which can lead to the withdrawal of the operating licence.

The aim of an environmental due diligence is to systematically analyse and evaluate these risks in advance of a transaction.


Due Diligence
Due Diligence

Legal certainty through environmental due diligence

Independent experts examine companies in the following areas:

  • Immission control requirement (e.g. legal emission limit values, etc.)
  • Licensing situation (e.g. official requirements)
  • Energy law requirements (e.g. emissions trading obligation)
  • Water legal requirements (e.g. waste water treatment)
  • Soil protection and waste management (e.g. contaminated sites)
  • Hazardous substance management and chemicals legislation (e.g. waste disposal certificates)
  • Occupational safety requirements (e.g. explosion protection)

How can we support you?
We can…

  • guide and support the process of environmental due diligence reviews

  • assess the legal context and carry out technical analyses of the plant

  • carry out site inspections and legal compliance audits on site

  • take control of the evaluation of environmentally relevant processes and procedures

  • prepare expert reports as well as environmental reports