Be prepared for regulatory supervision

Environmental inspections

Are you about to undergo an environmental inspection?

If so, German Green Desk can be your partner for the preparation of the inspections or audits.

The focus of environmental inspections lies in checking compliance with the operating obligations of plants requiring a permit. Furthermore, inspectors check compliance with the requirements of legal regulations and ancillary provisions of licensing notices.

In essence, the inspections focus on the following questions:

  • Have the ancillary conditions from the approval notices been implemented?
  • Is the plant still in its approved condition or have there been changes?
  • Are legal changes being tracked and implemented by the company?
  • Are operator duties delegated and is the operational organisation appropriate?



How to prepare for environmental inspections?

We will be happy to support you in the planning and execution of compliance audits in the run-up to official environmental inspections. Furthermore, we can assist you with the examination and compliance with licensing requirements.

Our experienced team of engineers, experts and lawyers is at your disposal. In doing so, we take operational concerns into account and keep a high level of effort in mind.

How can we support you?
We can

  • help you to plan and execute compliance audits and environmental inspections

  • check compliance with your licensing requirements

  • help you to track legal changes and to be always up to date

  • support you to set up and maintain a permit and requirement cadastre

  • give assistance in the electronic administration of all your communication with authorities