Our partners


We have competent partners at our side

BfU AG is an independent service provider for industrial enterprises. Their specialist expertise is in in-house environmental protection, occupational safety and product safety, as well as the corresponding management system.

CertLex is an online legal cadastre with automatic change monitoring. With CertLex you maintain your legal cadastre easily and target-oriented online. Together with experts, they create your site-specific profile, which is available to you at all times. 

The ESC is specialized in the certification of companies according to international standards such as quality, occupational safety and environmental management systems.

ENERGON AG is approved as an environmental verifier organisation and has several experienced environmental verifiers at its disposal. The experts at ENERGON AG offer support in operating plants in a legally compliant manner. 

Dr. Poppe Rechtsanwälte has been assisting its clients from medium-sized businesses and manufacturing industry for more than 35 years. With their offices in Kassel and Hamburg, they are competent contacts for legal advice on problems arising e.g. in the areas of industrial plant planning, manufacturing/production and the marketing of products.