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Strategic site selection

The choice of location is a decisive factor in the success of a company.
If you want to find a new business location, you must assume long-term planning and implementation. Once you have decided on a location, it can only be changed at high cost. Buildings, installed facilities, a trained workforce and well developed local relationships with customers or suppliers can only be brought to a new location with great effort.
The decision about a location therefore has long-term effects and represents a decisive milestone in the success of a company.

Site Selection
Site Selection

Criteria for a suitable location

German Green Desk will help you to weight various location factors according to your specific needs. Here, it is necessary to work out whether the location and existing infrastructure, trade tax advantages, subsidies, cooperation with research institutions or qualified employees make it suitable for your company to settle. Additionally, the local legal framework is also of great importance.

German Green Desk will be happy to support you in finding the best location for your company and assisting you through the entire process.

How can we support you?
We can…

  • support you in your search for new production sites

  • examine the building laws, environmental laws or nature conservation laws

  • check the availability of planning permission or the required distances from protected areas

  • assist you through your entire settlement process